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Shanghai dragon training institute today met a customer, he asked if I could help him to optimize a website at QQ. I asked him to send his website, the website is a local enterprise web site (Hefei GREE air conditioning service customer service 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/). Optimization of Web site keywords "Hefei GREE air conditioning customer service". The Shanghai dragon training institute index system, view the keywords love Shanghai index was o, no correlation index. But according to my experience, there is definitely a keyword like this index, people go to search, should be between 50 and 60, is a relatively small one word.


words is relatively simple, but for the sake of insurance, I did not answer directly to the customer. I will love the word in Shanghai search box search rankings under the competition website. I was surprised at the love of Shanghai home page ranking website all pages of the website B2C "love" and "fair" and "dianping贵族宝贝", without any personal web page ranking. According to the past experience of Shanghai dragon training institute, there are two reasons for this situation, one is the word index is too low, there is no one to use a domain name to optimize. The other is due to the "Hefei GREE air conditioning service customer service" this brand word, love Shanghai joined the artificial intervention.

according to this hypothesis, Shanghai dragon training institute use Google search "Hefei GREE air conditioning service customer service", the ranking result is that all the page ranking is a domain name website. This shows that the "Hefei GREE air-conditioning customer service" is the word there are many websites in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, were excluded because of the keyword index is low, no one may optimize.

then why in Shanghai love search results without any home page ranking, while Google is all home page ranking? The only explanation is that love Shanghai for the "Hefei GREE air-conditioning customer service" this brand of words into manual intervention, reduce the overall brand word these involve personal website trust, enhance the B2C website page weight the.

what is the cause of the word "Hefei GREE air conditioning customer service" top-level domain name ranking in love Shanghai home? Shanghai dragon training institute using hypothesis elimination method. We assume that, if this keyword because the index is too low, there is no use of a web site home page to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, regardless of any search engine to search the word, do not have a web page ranking.


The optimization of

confirmed the analysis, I put the results of the analysis of the Shanghai dragon training institute, told clients. And gave him two suggestions: first, since the word "Hefei GREE air conditioning customer service" refers to the brand, love Shanghai for brand protection, adding artificial intervention, to suppress this.


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