How to add the right soft key words



first of all we need to do a lot of preparation preparation and planning, editing a soft text such as: prepare articles and pictures as well as how to plan my article how to write, it will design to add some keywords, for example, I now is to help promote a school site in a professional makeup the training school, a site for this kind of website that is relatively common. For our website we know we do the promotion purpose is to want to learn this skill, the future depends on the life and work of a class of people, and these people want to know about the make-up training industry class information will search for relevant keywords on the Internet, and it is these keywords the search is a kind of key words we need to optimize the website promotion, of course, different industries have different types of customer groups, so we have to find their own perspective promote the industry to set accurate keywords.

soft inside add keywords is an operation with a good and bad, good is reasonable for each article to add keywords can increase the benefits for your website, then there are disadvantages if we do not correct for each soft add keywords will cause website ranking drop right, etc. a series of let each a webmaster do not want to see things, so how to correct for each text added keywords do for us it is a hard thing, I will according to my usual work to sum up some experience to share.

we have to promote the keywords, and then how to write in the soft put these keywords added to soft wen. We believe that every webmaster all have their own set of keywords setting method, here I share is when you need to write this article, there is always a direction or professional type to describe, so you have to think ahead when I was editing this soft Wen where need to use what keywords so, first make clear the direction for the preparation, smooth again when editing the keywords added.


know your keywords

webmaster is love according to the professional point of view will add keywords in the article, it is not very good? Customers see your site for a long time will not feel that they are trying to help you add traffic? And so some unnecessary factors came to love Shanghai very clear once said do promotion the optimization is not to feed the spider to do keyword, but to your customers. So we have to follow this condition, we really so hard to do optimization promotion let website ranking good only in order to attract more customers and visitors.

in the soft add keywords is a common problem in the website optimization promotion operators often mentioned, I believe that beginners or academics are necessary to know how to correctly add soft words, here I briefly analyze, thank you in.

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