Do the popular keywords Shanghai Longfeng need standardization process

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my topic is how to do the electricity supplier industry hot keywords ranking. Why should I say this? I have my reasons. Why did you choose this topic? I think in all the way in the promotion of the Internet search engine marketing is one of the highest return on investment promotion. Whether it is B2B or B2C website, it just contact search engine promotion will make popular keywords. Because these words do good, ranking easily, can be a part of the flow.

Yang Chenhao: first of all I want to say two things with you. The first thing is to first. I dressed in shabby compared today, not the venue atmosphere today. The second is the PPT more shabby. In the afternoon, if you want to be sleepy straws, achieve visual enjoyment in my personal life and PPT, is not possible. Another point to congratulate, in a short period of time if you want to make your site get traffic and orders, you today to it, we will give you a new ideas and inspiration.

how to promote popular keywords, Yang Chenhao shared his experience: "when I first got this project, to help them find the core keywords. All the work should be standardized. This is not only to do search engine; the second step is the process, like a factory assembly line. The new website such as we encounter will have a web based structural optimization process, the project manager will check, ensure that there will be no omissions."

B2B for this site, the accurate flow of popular keywords brings not only can improve the brand exposure, can bring more orders. The popular keyword is fat, all websites flock to it. As long as it is to accept the search engine promotion, you have to pay attention to. Since the competition is so fierce, what qualifications I have here with you on the promotion of popular keywords? I first introduce our own company, do a little advertising. We are a Shanghai dragon, SEM and word of mouth marketing combat type enterprise. We do more than half of Shanghai’s Beijing medical company and many medical enterprises, such as the Ruijing Diabetes Hospital, Beijing armed police hospital are our customers. How do our level? We have done 30 thousand popular keywords, 365 days and 24 hours of uninterrupted love in Shanghai before three. The sequence also treated millions of long tail keywords.

now has a problem, why I emphasize popular keywords. We can imagine doing promotion, what is the purpose? Just to bring traffic to the site? Absolutely not. We do the promotion of a website, the ultimate aim is to bring order to the site, bring the profit for the enterprise, this is our ultimate goal. It’s like a movie I get good reviews in all walks of life, but praised. Many people say, but there is no box office.

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