An entrepreneur who draws lessons from the market and subverts the pattern of the express delivery i

"is the same for Tencent, with and WeChat, why not direct to do? I found it different, one is a pure mobile Internet, mobile PC+ is a hybrid, which a lot of experience, the details are not the same." He said. Nora

"In the future, when you find a company with a sense of the future and a sense of technology, you will invest more and support your outside entrepreneurial team instead of doing it all in your own system,"

technology news March 4th evening news, the National People’s Congress 5-15, the CPPCC National Committee 3-13 meeting held in Beijing, the National People’s Congress, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng put forward four proposals, communication in the media conference, he consoled entrepreneurs without fear, Tencent only basic platform of connector later, will be more open.

when the media asked entrepreneurs about Tencent worries, Ma Huateng said: "in fact, there is no need for worry and fear, there is still much room for development of the Internet."." He said that many areas of Tencent can not do, entrepreneurs can try other areas, such as anonymous social networking is not suitable for large platforms, entrepreneurs can do.


CityLink was one of Britain’s largest package delivery company, its closure timing could not be worse; the bankruptcy administrator intervention on Christmas Eve in 2014 then, on Christmas day, the company declared bankruptcy. An anonymous consortium proposed a last-minute takeover offer, but because the bid "underestimated the value of the company", and "no deposit acquisition", which was rejected, which means that the 2727 employees of City Link all unemployed.

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Daniel started his career in a start-up company called Keynoir. The company’s name carries a hint of banter, similar to quinoa’s English word "quinoa", which recently became popular and quickly became Britain’s most popular dinner ingredient. The buy site Keynoir offers coupons for high-end products to its members, with its founder, Phil ·, and Wilkinson PhilWilkinson who served as CEO in Kelkoo. Kelkoo, a price comparison site, was founded in France in 1999 and sold to YAHOO for 450 million euros in 2004, and YAHOO sold it to Private Equity Investment Firm Jampl> in 2008

NPC deputies, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng to participate in media communication will be

he believes that the Internet industry has great development space, in the mobile Internet era with social networking, there are a lot of new vertical areas, and even social anonymity, a vertical field of social, there are a lot of new space. Foreign similar, such as after Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, and then Instagram and so on, new things come out.

a man was watching the developments with great interest. He is Daniel · Lipinski Daniel Lipinski. Lipinski used to be a marketing expert and later founded a disruptive delivery start-up, the ParcelBright. For him, it was a groundbreaking moment. He is a digital preacher, dream of looking for opportunities to subvert an industry, assume the weak may be daunting challenge.

said. He admitted that in the past, the Tencent has gone through many detours, many things that we can not put aside, but now found not doing well, the mentality is more open, better".

"we’ve tried to put a lot of things in our system, we found that the structure may be more suitable to do some basic, platform, universal connector, too complex and deep things have referees and athletes issue for us." Said Ma Huateng.

it is headquartered in Coventry City, founded in 1969. In April 2013, private equity master Jon · Morton Jon Moulton to buy only 1 pounds of its price, and invested 40 million pounds, trying to reverse the company’s performance, but failed. Before the new year came, the company closed the last 51 warehouses. It’s a sobering lesson for anyone involved in the express business. For consumers, it was a nightmare. When the company went bankrupt, more than 1 million parcels were still waiting for delivery. But the most striking ones are probably the ones who still have fantasies. They think big companies like City and Link will surely find a white knight consortium that will pull it back from the brink of bankruptcy simply because it is too big to fail". Remember this? It doesn’t apply to banking in the 2008, but it still doesn’t work today.

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