Read love Shanghai outside the chain of small sense of detailed what the chain has become a minefiel

I remember a few years ago, to improve their love Shanghai domain number we still use query class outside the chain, at that time in the "run on the computer and began to brush, what is more, the machine on one day, and then wait for the next update time love Shanghai, let a lot of query classes to chain out, increase more than doubled, isn’t it a good way? For example, below for an example query," website automatic propaganda "

search results + Chain webmaster query class chain

No. 4.25 Shanghai love the first article about the chain of the article, "Shanghai love chain standard document describes judgment and processing chain principle", after reading, feel deeply after what the chain is our webmaster can penetrate it, what the chain can still hovering in the life, from LEE words, and other users really recommend, all you need is noticed, garbage chain and cheating the chain, the two also believe that many of my friends are thinking of it, this article, want to say about the chain, the chain of us, or what need to excavate? What could still happen?

LEE borrowed the dry cargo, of which the various chain, including the chain blog, cheating collecting station outside the chain, the chain industry forum, site outside the chain, Links chain, and query the chain, the sale of the chain, the chain station group, group chain, etc. the forms are LEE language, those outside the chain, many have become a minefield, borrows the above form the chain to give some answers to the small yourself, find their own a chain construction method.

The first point: ?

Lu Songsong was recommended by this way can improve your website in the early exposure, at that time this way is also very helpful, at least on the index of the website, after all, when you see the number of improving psychology will also very comfortable. There is a chain of search results, in fact, many websites will have such a format in the text has used the graphical display of such a waste of the chain’s presence, very simple just like love Shanghai, love Shanghai know the search page, search page, these are likely to search for the page caused a lot of the chain, what is this a waste of the chain, should bear the brunt of it, the chain query class, in general are automatically generated, but not to the other, the author’s opinion, this kind of chain in general, can not be so worried, Shanghai has been able to identify the love moreover,

site outside the chain of cheating – garbage collected

has a word to say is, if a site has been identified in order to cheat, then I believe the link inside ah, the page may therefore feel that the chain is garbage outside the chain, the chain is derived from this website may not be so good, "

second: the chain

garbage chain

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