Love Shanghai or Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon intervention practitioners mercenary

2, seeking truth from facts, consider the development of search engines, the needs of users, from their own hands, not to utilitarian technology.

1, in line with the search engine’s included rules, according to the rules of the game, the user experience of the actual operation of the website.

Shanghai dragon also search engine users, as long as we adhere to the user experience, to share the useful articles, on the premise of solving the search engine included the real service for users, then your website ranking is not too bad, even if there is no home page, the content will always keep the needs of users that demand determines the development of your site. So is the search engine, to an invincible position, but also to retain users, users of the interest of people also love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, and other people’s interests, from the point of view of love, Shanghai could not intervene in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the search engine users.

has been known in the Shanghai dragon at the same time, the search engine is more and more attention from the Shanghai dragon, webmaster tools guide can be seen in the search engine has specified the rules of the game, the rules of the game’s aim is to search the Internet service, then the search engine’s development not only needs the participation of the user needs more people from all walks of life interest the search engine in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners but also this aspect of the crowd, but the Shanghai dragon than the general practitioners should understand the user search search engine, should support the search engine technology innovation, whether it is Shanghai or Phoenix do website ranking of search engine should proceed from the needs of the user, rather than by means of the very website just to love Shanghai home, no actual gold ", does not comply with the search engine grab "That doesn’t meet users’ needs", grey black means all will eventually be search engine data statistical analysis, resulting in the site’s ranking does not exist or decline.

, 4, in order to consider the development direction of search engine development and user interaction, practice, communication, enhance its power station from users’ feedback.

3, adhere to the practice, win user acceptance to improve your search engine ranking with practical action.

, a Shanghai dragon and should search engine together, rather than for the benefit of their mutual pain.

three, Shanghai dragon should adhere to the basic bottom line

two, love Shanghai search engine has always insisted on the principles of user, not exclude Shanghai dragon

February 15, 2012 should be all Shanghai Longfeng memorable day, has been a lot of people in Shanghai love intervention in Shanghai Longfeng, so what is love Shanghai or Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon intervention practitioners hindered the development of the search engine mercenary? The real name network marketing practitioners Wang Kejiang from Shanghai Longfeng several years of experience to share:

5, respect for privacy, respect for copyright, abandon.

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