Two months of popular keywords do love Shanghai third share

three: website content is the core of

is a web site update frequency high a lot of people think that is the key to weight a, many owners think so, but for two years in Shanghai Longfeng, in fact this snapshot and weight does not matter much, but can keep the website updated snapshot, a new snapshot, the search engine will visit you grab your high frequency then, a thing to see website search engine, search engine every day to visit the site, we first by default, at least love website search engine.

into the webmaster circle all know a word, content is king, so a good website, content is the priority among priorities, a regular update of high quality original content website, no matter at which position the user experience, users have to be seen as a search engine, more. Needless to say, love the original content of the habit has not changed, the user experience is high, the flow of natural high, the search engine.

As long as the

: a website continued update is to maintain the fundamental

popular keywords, I believe that many webmaster keywords medium may be collected from from the station on the line, perhaps a few days can love Shanghai home, but the popular keyword as a new station, I think it is still difficult for most of the webmaster, unless you extraordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience, or you can use the black hat here we have to say, but as a long-term business website, this means the firm does not, because the knowledge of some time ago as trassient as a fleeting cloud, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, there has been a good example, isn’t it, so do a webmaster, we should put the site as their own children, need to have patience have the responsibility to every day, pay attention to it, care for it, honestly do stand is every webmaster should do. Here I share, from the line on the website for 2 months now, my website popular keywords do love Shanghai home third place. The method is that simple things repeat, but who do care enough, enough extreme.

network is a big universe, each page of a website is independent of the individual, we need to set up a bridge link, let all the pages linked together, the next Xiaobian I want to say is the structure of the station, the station you might be a little strange structure, the structure of the station is the only way to crawl the spider crawling station, only to find the code information included crawling, so when the crawling spider will not just crawl the web, in order to safety first to judge your site is safe, if your site safety, so the spider will not hesitate to crawl to retrieve your website, if you the site is not safe and messy, so the spider can feel your site will be very dangerous to take a detour, so in order to have a good ranking well in the station The structure, personal suggest that you can use pure static code website, at least at present a large number of practice has proved that this is the best.

two: the internal link is smooth spider value

new snapshot

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