Qiu Songsong love Shanghai algorithm and the ranking method observed

1, what is love love Shanghai, new, fast and steady. New refers to two aspects, one is the new content, the two is the update frequency fast ", but this is not absolute, if a web site links to many, even if they do not update will be very good, because the weight is very high, love Shanghai think it is information or an authoritative site fast; it is easy to understand, the first is to update the site quickly, adhere to update, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, and then open speed, the two parts of the score, one is the server bandwidth to a large, two is to streamline the program structure, so as to achieve the fast and steady, mainly refers to the site; the update is stable, there is no large-scale revision or change the title of the act, the server operation is stable, and very few readers even open the case. For ordinary people, can do the new, fast and stable investment requires a server.

first of all, this is the experience of Qiu Songsong in the actual operation of the Shanghai dragon feeling, does not necessarily represent the love Shanghai algorithm really, but certainly have certain relevance, we can as a reference.

2, love Shanghai ranked two aspects, one is the link, two is content. First of all links, links can be divided into two types, one is the high quality links, how to judge the site itself? Have good rankings and included, simple can through the PR value, but the PR value also can be fraud, we should pay attention to identification. Two is the number of links, can produce quantitative qualitative change, as long as the number of the chain is perfectly logical and reasonable steadily increasing love Shanghai, will think he is normal, if a sudden surge, is a brush, software cheating, will you love Shanghai. If you are a novice, no one is willing to exchange a chain and you will depend on the amount of it today, plus three outside the chain, and tomorrow five, stick to it, your site weight and ranking will go up. Then said, people often say that the original content, must be included and weight is high, in fact, the original is not the original love of Shanghai can see, high quality is not high he could not see, after all, is a machine, not aesthetics, so many manufacturing and some related to your site keywords, even if read very naive, as long as smooth, and not directly copy others, love will be included in Shanghai. Of course, if your writing is good, middle or bottom with the link, a lot of people you reprint, increase the import link, will love Shanghai for your entire web site favored. Write love Shanghai love, about your article, even if it seems so many articles are the same, but it is this mouth. The news events can be a breakthrough, pay more attention to current events, to create content according to the needs of most users, rather than do you think most probably it did not actually happen interesting content. But do not involve political or illegal things, then you do not have capital to withstand risks.

3 and some other small details. A, in different regions of the same search keywords, click on your website, ranking will go up, but it is not easy to do, the effect is only temporary, the idea can be built one in five.

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