The construction of the chain how to release the soft chain

because I intend to be soft outside the chain, so I choose all text websites. Finally this is divided into several categories: classified information network, software forum, webmaster forums, blogs, and Post Bar inquiry platform. These are not suitable for the platform, the focus is different because of the different industry. Like mechanical sites don’t do blog, do no one now; inquiry platform is more and more difficult to do; love Shanghai Post Bar mostly in the entertainment industry. We believe that the hands of these platforms have a lot. How much choice platform in strength and, like a person I do every day to 10 original soft outside the chain.

The Several

1, to identify all possible platforms and select

the above three points, I choose to be useful to the user and promote the brand name soft outside the chain, (to my website software direct selling network as an example) this method has certain requirements for writing, the following is my operation:

Before the

search engine algorithms are constantly changing, crackdown on the chain of garbage is increasing. So I’ll stick to the point when the hair of the chain: the chain to high quality; to those who are useful to the user of the chain; try to make the chain channel diversification.

chain has many kinds, such as exchange chain, soft chain, video links, blog links, links, community forums, inquiry platform. But from the energy and the degree of difficulty and effect to select optimal effect. For example, my website software direct sales network, the above mentioned place have done, but mainly do is soft outside the chain, because exchange chain can do every week, I am not familiar with the operation of software do not link to the video blog; to slowly raise; community is entertainment; a platform because of the strict even ask brand words can’t answer; so soft outside the chain I think is better and more effective way. The following is the soft outside the chain to expand.

, 2 different content for different platforms

a, a few principles clearly outside the chainThe

entry for half a year, from the beginning of the chain, now gradually aware. I engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, the simplest is to send the chain. Now, I want to call it "the chain", I called "the construction of the chain", perhaps is self deception, but also does not matter. Here I talk about some of the soft outside the chain chain construction (of course construction of different industry chain focus is not the same).

send the chain to make three points:

when doing soft outside the chain, in the end only to be included, or to solve the problem of users, or to advertise our brand name? Because I want to achieve the purpose, the quality of the soft is also different. In general is to solve user problems and incidentally advertise our brand.

B, clear the chain, select the best effect to do

Effect of And the place of the

C, clear the hair of the chain

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