Guess why website one month right down three times

website hit down the right but by insisting on update a week, soon appeared again love Shanghai snapshot, keywords ranking also immediately restore ranking, but this situation repeated good times don’t last long, appeared three times, when the love Shanghai snapshot disappear, flow immediately straight from Shanghai down love. The recent one week recovery time snapshot snapshot, but always keep pace, still in September 10th, other rankings are normal, careful analysis of the site, summarizes the love Shanghai search engine may be due to three reasons causing the site repeatedly "right down".

love Shanghai search engine optimization is a process of the website can rarely change unpredictably, Everything is going smoothly. to the end, believe that the webmaster friends have experienced a variety of problems, such as the common snapshot not update, site drop right, included reducing, the last month for me is a very unusual day, because the site was repeatedly love Shanghai search engine drop right, and from the beginning of August 1st, the website snapshot update is abnormal, for a week not updated snapshot, but included a very normal phenomenon, the next one is the site of the site appeared: "I’m sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the www.***贵族宝贝 website." no snapshot, keywords ranking from home dropped to 100 after.

Although the

site outside chain number reached more than 5000, but from the breadth of perspective, or not enough, most of the chain from the forum, because usually summarized love bubble forum, post replies into a habit, of course, often secretly inside into their own web site, so to the source of the chain website but wide, although very stable, some BBS weight is also very good, but perhaps love Shanghai search engine that do so, lack of universality of the chain is the most important, which leads to the site right down again.

two, from other sites implicated

Although the

because the site is to rely on advertising alliance to return, so the application of the more advertising, love Shanghai advertising alliance, Google advertising alliance, easy advertising alliance, there are some pop, open a website blossom and look the overall effect of confusion, open the page, immediately to the two others of a pop, believe pop website users are not favored, so the website user experience was not ideal, perhaps because of this reason.

server put a lot of friends website website, recently also appeared in a similar situation on your own website, it is because someone else’s site drop right or be K to other sites affected, the most important thing now is to contact the server administrator, see if there are some illegal websites, such as ooxx the site, now the country in the crackdown, the site in such a situation, perhaps is a warning for us.

serverBecause the

, a chain of widespread lack of

three, excessive advertising alliance

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