Heinze was collected from falling in love with talk of love Shanghai update time

because today is Friday, and yesterday was Thursday, so yesterday I wrote two articles after sitting today included, you know my blog yesterday also included no one, because I this domain name was purchased in CN, before being resolved to their sale page, has been shown "baiduge贵族宝贝 is for sale……" Today, it would be included, and included more than one, a collection of 32, visible this morning is the update period love Shanghai, and updates are bigger than usual.


found from the actual experience of Shanghai and explore their dragon predecessors: love Shanghai collection of big update monthly time is No. 11 and No. 26, No. 26, in particular, the biggest update, K station is the largest.

love Shanghai small update time: every Friday. Update all the time at 4 a.m.. General 4 a.m. update, also updated after nine o’clock in the morning. Some people say not Thursday! But the eldest brother, after 12 is a new day, so love Shanghai small update time is every Friday morning. How many points do not say, from 4 a.m. search engine spiders began to work, until the morning we wake up, it is 8, 9 points are updated, so this time the webmaster to fully grasp. Of course, except Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I found that love Shanghai also updated more diligent, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. These days a little update slowly.

Shanghai dragon also have half a love for Shanghai, the update time also have a certain understanding, not to say with confidence, but also has the bamboo chest.

love Shanghai is divided into large and small update update, small update every week, even every day every hour, and is updated several times a month or months at a time, each love Shanghai after updating the webmaster is a few happy tears of joy. Included is more, worry is the chain lost a lot, but if your article is of certain value in Shanghai will be very love love, so if you write love Shanghai return, so don’t blame the search engine to the next is not my article is not good. What is the quality? The search engine cannot read the truth and philosophy we write the article inside, but rare, you and some others do not, this is what the Internet is good.

update time for love in Shanghai have a certain understanding, then don’t waste time every day to go to site, but should have more time to improve the quality of their website, which is beneficial to the search engine and the webmaster.

Since the


of course there are included I No. 28, may be at that time included today to put out, but I was 28 I wrote my first blog post, so today is really in love with the sea big update period.

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