The site was K, the web site is down right in the end is a blessing or a curse


for each grassroots webmaster, most afraid of is that the site is K, the web site is down right. May be included may be too stingy to pull out a hair, ranking all the horrors, down the right reason coupled with the subtle and boundless period of recovery time, which is a webmaster, enterprise can say no! Zac: site right down, if you can save back. If cheating is serious, K included no give up again may be the better choice. Or for veterans, is to change the domain name website is the only option for K, after one or two months of site restoration cases can have several? Those successful cases are not included in the

short, the site was K, the web site is down right in the end is a blessing or a curse, nothing is. As long as the webmaster to do so, where are the bright stars! The first Admin5, please remember that we decorate Guangya: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝, please indicate the source.

2, the site was K is a blessing.


2012 love Shanghai big update, we experienced together; the love of 2013 Shanghai history, we look forward to. Facing the present condition of the web site is often K is down right, we try to regulate their own technology and experience into a strong heart, is the key to the success of every webmaster! Even because of unrest to switch, can see is a piece of blue sky.

1, the site was K is a curse.


is evident to anyone, blessing hill, Fu Xi disaster of 2012! The Shanghai dragon industry, "disaster" many: several love Shanghai big update, many sites have been K by plucking, common right down the website, no ranking…… So, in the end, the site has been K down the right site is a blessing or a curse?


community is so impetuous, especially the network world situation change rapidly! Write every day outside the chain, whether you have enough hate? Especially netizens gravamen Shanghai Longfeng several bulk network crime, is no longer the learning life entertainment paradise. Ask yourself, every webmaster optimization business the fastest progress is not to take over the site of honeymoon, was to "love". Then the site was K? Helpless, fear, hope, correct…… Life seems to have their own passion, Shanghai dragon has unique insights skills of a thousand li a day, for the website right down. Is the so-called, do not experience the site is K webmaster is not good webmaster! Just like boys who need something to calm life horror thriller about girls.

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