Affordable housing can be traded for 5 years

Recently, the municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the Xining affordable housing listed transactions management approach, will be issued to implement. The introduction of measures to regulate the economic application of the housing listed transactions, and further improve the affordable housing policy system.

"measures" clear the scope (black) it is reported that the "measures" for the government oriented social placement of affordable housing, the "measures" provisions have purchased affordable housing over 5 years for sale, inheritance, transfer and registration of housing property disposition behavior.

listed transactions required to pay land revenue and other price (black) "measures" provisions, the purchase of affordable housing for 5 years, people can purchase affordable housing listed transactions in accordance with the time of price or the listed price and the original purchase price difference of 55% to pay land revenue and other price to the government, to obtain full property rights or direct listing the transaction, and clearly the starting time for the purchase of affordable housing for 5 years, to the signing of the formal economic applicable housing purchase contract time. At the same time, the "measures" can not be traded on the scope and complete property, directly listed transactions, inheritance, divorce, the court ruled that the analysis of production, judgment, mediation and other punishment behavior of housing property procedures detailed provisions.

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