18 experience to experience the province’s tourism consumption

for the full implementation of the law of the people’s Republic of China to give consumers association of social supervision responsibilities, improve the quality of tourism services in our province, boost tourism in Qinghai". Recently, the Provincial Association for the first time to organize the 18 experience, the main scenic spots in the province and the quality of service of some travel agencies unannounced visits experience. Through experience, found that the province’s tourism consumption problems and deficiencies, the Provincial Association will also be reported to the relevant issues and deficiencies in the relevant departments for rectification.

activities in the early days, the provincial Consumers Association and the consumer associations in the field of the successful experience of the organization, reference to the third party market research company’s relevant information, strict development programs. In the Provincial Consumer Association rights obligations supervisor, public counsel and grassroots staff within the scope of the association, to take the form of voluntary registration, selected from different industries and different units of 18 participants to participate in activities. Discuss the Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Guide scenic Jiro sword and Kanbula National Geological Park three tourist consumption experience line. 18 experience in the three tour routes to implement experience, focus on signing, our province travel agency contract transportation services, tour guide service and other aspects of experience, including whether to sign a standard format contract, whether professional tour guide services in place, traffic is not consistent with the stipulations of the contract and other 46 items and key the tourist attractions of the service fees, and other aspects of human rights experience, including scenic spots in the visitor center is equipped with the facilities in the scenic spots, the standard 44 contents. At the same time, before the experience, the provincial Consumers Association also experienced the focus of training and guidance, a clear investigation, to remind the attention, to ensure that the activities of the objective, true and fair.

through unannounced visits to experience, experience and find out my analysis of tourism service in the short board, provide the basis for the relevant government departments to strengthen the management and decision-making, but also for our province to create more safe and secure environment for tourism consumption power.


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