North of the city continue to strengthen the construction of volunteer service team

to carry forward the "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress volunteer spirit, Seongbuk constantly strengthen volunteer service team construction, improve masses of volunteer service consciousness, improve the area coverage and service level of volunteer activities.
. To improve and perfect the volunteer registration archives information, the "registration facilitation" as the goal to promote, and gradually realize the volunteer network management platform for docking of supply and demand of resource management and volunteer service, seize the "3.5", "World Environment Day", "54" and other major festivals of the favorable opportunity, and the formation of groups of volunteers organize them into the community, squares, commercial outlets to carry out environmental publicity, cleaning, helping the weak and disabled volunteer service activities, such as garbage as of now, the region has carried out over the scale of 11 volunteer service activities, volunteer participation and the number of more than 1000 people, a total payment of more than 16000 copies, hanging banners, putting various panels of more than 80 (block) volunteer service, the masses accept continuously expanding.

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