Deep in the grass, helping the development of Shanghai and Hong Kong hand in hand

7 month 7 days, by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Han Zheng, deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Xiong led the Shanghai city government delegation to the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture investigation. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng accompanied inspection.


2010 the central government counterpart assistance from Shanghai Guoluo Prefecture of Qinghai Province, in the loving care of the CPC Central Committee, in support of Shanghai City, six years, Guoluo Prefecture Economic Development significantly faster, improve people’s livelihood and well-being, showing a good situation of national unity, economic development and social stability.

mountains green, green grass, Ge Sanghua bloom, the grassland is the most beautiful season. 7 morning, Shanghai city government delegation came to Dawu town Maqin County, a road at Guoluo Tibetan Hospital, Guoluo Prefecture occupation technical school Shanghai Youth assistance project. People’s Hospital in Guoluo Prefecture, Magnolia telemedicine network platform is built in Shanghai by the medical staff, experts and Shanghai for remote consultation. The person in charge of the hospital, telemedicine interactive communication platform, greatly improve the working conditions and the local prefecture Hospital of people of all ethnic groups in the medical environment. Han was nodding happily.

no longer poor poor education, and then can not be bitter bitter child. Shanghai City, helping their counterparts in Guoluo Prefecture, is an important content of education. To help Shanghai build the Guoluo national middle school playground, Tibetan students are exercising, Han Zhengzou asked with concern among the students, learning and living conditions, hear them fluent in Mandarin, answer, Korea is sure that this is the long-term results of bilingual education, bilingual education is a basic project in a long-term relationship the project is. Subsequently, Han and his party inspected the student canteen and dormitory. It is time for lunch break, in a high (12) class dormitory, Han Zheng and Tibetan students Kent cordial conversation, encouraged him to study hard, the university entrance exam to go to Shanghai.

Take the

aid Dongfeng, Guoluo Prefecture ecological animal husbandry development fast. Jalon village Maqing county milk base formed a "household + cooperative + enterprise" management mode, effectively promote the surrounding and herdsmen get rich. Han walked into the tent, and just let Dorje herdsmen cooperatives sat down chatted, asked about the situation of family life and income. Just let Dorje said last year when milking is only in cooperatives earn nearly 30 thousand yuan, home living off more. Han Zheng pleased to say, I believe in the family of the motherland, everyone’s life will be better!

in the afternoon at the Shanghai · Golog targeted aid work report, Han Zheng said that the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee to further clarify the connotation of well-off society. Shanghai targeted aid work, is to implement the central spirit, based on the targeted aid area "13th Five-Year" period of poverty alleviation of the largest common people, forced, one by one to implement grasping forward, helping to work, never let the poor areas and poor people in the journey of building a moderately prosperous society left behind left behind, to the common people of all nationalities into a well-off society. Shanghai in accordance with the decision of the CPC Central committee;

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