2013 Qinghai Lake hundred people welcome the new year

Qinghai Lake is rich in winter tourism projects, continued to build Qinghai Lake hundred foot new year "brand activities, Qinghai Lake scenic area will launch the" love your life · 2013 hundred foot Qinghai Lake New Year "activities, invite tourists inside and outside the province to the most beautiful lake to spend the new year in 2013 Chinese. Currently enrollment has been in full swing.

Qinghai Lake scenic area launched last year, "2012 Chinese happy health tour · Qinghai Lake hundred people on foot to greet the new year" activities, caused widespread concern and participation in the community, set off a Qinghai Lake winter tourism boom. This year’s New Year activities combined with winter outdoor sports tourism resources of Qinghai Lake organically, to convey the ecological concept of low carbon environmental protection and the "love life" beautiful theme on foot, complemented by picking up trash environmental protection activities and participate in interactive activities project strong, let you fully enjoy the winter in Qinghai Lake charm at the same time, the expression of Qinghai Lake’s concern and love. (author: Li Feng)


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