Chase 27 boarding schools warm winter

chase county to take effective measures to vigorously implement the education warm project, nearly 70 thousand students in the county safe and warm environment to learn.

in the winter approaching, Datong County prepared in advance, financing 25 million 220 thousand yuan, the implementation of the boiler heating renovation project for the county’s 27 boarding schools, and effectively solve the security problems and school heating in winter. At present, the county has a total of 37 schools using boiler heating. It is understood that all schools in the county in October 15th after the start of the normal heating, the county education department take the method of leading the pack, cadres of the school, the school for heating comprehensive inspection and safety work, and requires schools to regular maintenance of heating facilities, heating sufficient funds, an ample supply of coal for heating. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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