Nanchuan road Xining City No. 106 residents together begin demolition fence is green

"you can rest assured that my little garden fence will be demolished today." Nanchuan road Xining City No. 106 primary seamount bearing plant family member courtyard, 79 year old Liang Baoqing shovel edge, edge to the community staff guarantee.

many families live in this family. Some old people looked at the house and the ground behind the house is a pity, they planted vegetables, surrounded by a fence. Their own small days are comfortable, but the environment is more and more chaotic. Reporters on the scene, many dishes are used, the size of the different lengths of bamboo sticks and tied into the fence. Inside the fence, but also stacked with water tanks, basins, firewood and other debris.

news after the start, Fu Lu Xiang community staff will start the "plot" people’s ideological work, hope they can also residents a spacious and clean living environment. At the beginning, we also have some ideas, think health is a gust of wind, unexpectedly, from the province to the city, to the community, Chuangwei work more grasping the more solid. Then, the plot owner thought began to change, some people take the initiative with the community staff removed the own vegetable fence.

"mainly community workers moved us, and now we all take the initiative to dismantle the fence!" Jiashuyuan residents Gong Xinggui told reporters, Chuangwei began, community workers do not have a good rest, clean up the single family in front of the gate of the garbage, do more than a month. Twenty tons of carts, pulled the more than and 50. We often see community workers until two in the evening at eleven. "Without their efforts, which has such a good environment!" You said that to remove the palace, vegetable fence in the yard, these are hard work, the house also help everybody you do together.

in the efforts of everyone, the courtyard of the fence has been demolished.


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