College entrance examination online college entrance examination foreign language listening test swi

May 18th, the trick has issued "emergency notice on earnestly the ordinary college entrance examination hearing preparation" (referred to as the "notice") pointed out: from the beginning of 2015, our province college entrance examination in English listening comprehension test, national hankao (MHK) will use CD listening test CD player listening test (WAV format).

"notice" pointed out that the use of CD optical disc to carry out the hearing test is a new work, to carry out the upgrading of traditional broadcast equipment and systems, is an important measure of the province’s college entrance examination reform. At the bidding committee, the administrative departments of education, examination and enrollment institutions should attach great importance to strengthen the organization and leadership, careful arrangements, to ensure funding needs, clearly the main responsibility, earnestly listening play equipment and system debugging. Each school site should be based on the actual needs of the standardized test room, the allocation of a sufficient number of CD CD playback equipment and a certain number of spare equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully study the development of listening test plan, strengthen emergency drills, enhance the ability to deal with; to strictly implement the duty reporting system during the examination period, smooth information submitted channels. The province’s cities, state recruit Committee, bureau of education to build a system of hearing area area, equipment inspection, audition and commissioning work to strengthen supervision and inspection and management. Matters involving the terms and pay attention to the candidates, each test area and test center school must through the issuance of notification, reminder, posting notice candidates etc.. To do a good job playing system debugging and operation training. To the 2015 college entrance examination simulation audition, to solicit the views of the candidates, timely debugging improvements to ensure the smooth implementation of the college entrance examination hearing.


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