At the end of July to the end of the Xining city tourism market to carry out special rectification o

With the arrival of the tourist season in our province, to further strengthen the road transport safety management, standardize road passenger travel management behavior, ensure travel safety, from the end of July to the end of the year, the Xining municipal transportation department Joint Municipal Tourism Bureau to carry out remediation special tourist passenger transport market.

the special rectification work to crack down on did not obtain the license for road passenger transport, engaging in road passenger transport management behavior; and use the tourist bus according to the provisions of the sign and not onboard charter contract and sent a car alone; clean up long-term in our province to engage in business activities outside the provincial tourism passenger travel bus; behavior and tourism passenger vehicles is investigated with the travel name without permission engage in passenger line activities not according to the provisions of the initial destination travel; and fails to perform the security check, there are security risks, in passenger travel business behavior and other illegal acts.

in order to further improve the remediation work, effectively regulate the road passenger transportation market order, the city transportation department to set up checkpoints on major tourist attractions in Xining City, Kumbum Monastery, the residence of Ma Bufang, to inspect the past travel vehicle. As of now, inspection of all types of vehicles 167 times, including tourism passenger vehicles 150 times, seized the tourism passenger vehicles not according to the provisions of the initial destination travel 3, carrying the road transport permits 10. (author: Hu Youjun)


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