Datong County, four measures to create a strong atmosphere of building a clean and efficient governm

according to the "Xining 2010 – 2014 to create a national civilized city to build a clean and efficient administrative environment planning" arrangement, Datong quick action, careful arrangements, combined with the "mass work year" activities, make full use of various promotional positions to take four measures to develop civilization quality education and social education, create a strong atmosphere for the construction of a clean and efficient administrative environment.

is a column in the "Datong" propaganda, published the relevant documents, to create a civilized city leaders talk, information, proposal; two is added in the Datong TV column, reported the creation of a civilized city of knowledge, every time scrolling "creative city" slogan and the county office in the preparation of a city public video advertising; is three in the county government website opened a "civilized county" special ", internal website County farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, county radio and Television Bureau and other units set up at the same time building a civilized county special column, publicity to create a civilized city, to build a clean and efficient administrative environment and the significance of the goals and tasks, transfer related work information and dynamic work timely, to create a good atmosphere for public opinion online; four is County, a city office to coordinate the relevant units to produce light boxes advertising boards placed in the main streets of the county, electronic display in Jingning square, County Cultural Square and large electronic screen industrial and commercial bank and other 10 units on the timing of scrolling to create a civilized city, to build a clean and efficient administrative environment related knowledge and slogans. At the same time, the township departments and units to make full use of billboards, windows, internal publications and broadcast propaganda platform, vigorously promote civilized county, build a clean and efficient administrative environment the significance, objectives, requirements and norms of civilized behavior, Wen Mingli instrument knowledge, expanding the scope of the publicity.


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