Do practical things so that the people of Xining and then received spree

  the autumn season, fruitful. Let us go back to the place where spring began 243 days ago, and the fruit of today’s harvest is sown at that time. 2013 is destined to be a Huimin 10 years, 58 projects for the tangible things at the beginning of the plateau were buried in the thick soil in Xining, the municipal government and various departments of sweat water, take root and grow. Today, these projects for the tangible things has grown to 58 tall trees, and a red fruit. 55 village green, artificial rain 18 times, firing 203 rockets into farmland "thirst", 20 single building became the most beautiful night view of Xining, social security hotline advisory services platform is built, 25 agricultural science and technology demonstration projects for the masses affordable…… It can be said that the 58 projects for the people is not a real flower of the 58 sisters, for Xining in 2013 full of sweet taste. Beautiful new rural village Dongxia town into the duolong troops in Datong County, the trash uniform placed behind the house in front of the villagers, clean and beautiful environment of the new rural picture greets, this is the new weather caused the contiguous rural environment remediation projects in the county. As of this year, the city has 228 rural areas to enjoy the benefits of the project. This year the implementation of the project is not only for farmers with indoor and outdoor garbage cans, but also the construction of septic tanks, water resources protection network. Today, the implementation of the project on both sides of the road in the village, the villagers living in front of the house and the ditch left behind by the history of garbage was cleaned, dirty, chaotic, poor environmental conditions have been improved, beautiful new countryside. (author: Rong Lijun) the city bus takes on a new and spacious compartment, a comfortable seat, a warm, electronic rolling sign…… This is the city card as a mobile – the new look of Xining bus. In recent years, the municipal government to develop a comprehensive bus priority strategy, increased investment in public transport, urban traffic congestion and resource and environmental pressures have been effectively alleviated. In 2012, the financing of 100 million yuan to update 407 buses and 2013 invested 190 million yuan to update 622 buses, so I said goodbye to the city bus extended service history, people travel more convenient. (author: a) add two air quality monitoring station this year, the city of air quality management frequently sword. By the government to invest in the construction of the Xining Hotel, sea lake district two environmental air;

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