Entrepreneurship education need to enter the classroom What’s your opinion

entrepreneurship education into the classroom has been a concern, there are pros and cons, the implementation of a policy requires the acquisition of more people’s opinions and wisdom. To solve this problem, Shanghai Jiao Tong University conducted an in-depth discussion, let us look at it!


"this seemingly no doubt, do not need to discuss, after all we have been doing. But in fact, many people hold a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship education, and some even explicitly opposed". Wang Fanghua said that the management of a famous University Dean had questioned the tone asked him: do pioneering work with it? Entrepreneurship can teach you? Entrepreneurs will naturally respond to the market environment, which need to learn?"

Many experts said Wang Fanghua

"the essence of enterprise is to create value, so it needs fully based on the idea of collision in action, entrepreneurship education can inspire entrepreneurs to explore self motivation, entrepreneurial process will make entrepreneurs more perfect." Nankai University business school dean Zhang Yuli think.

Some people have

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