Huangzhong 12 villages suffer from low temperature freezing disaster

Reporters learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, in September 17th, affected by cold air, 12 villages in Huangzhong suffered cold frozen disaster, disaster caused by 2325 people were affected by the disaster of 9075. It is understood that in September 17th 5 to 7, due to the impact of cold air, Xinzhuang Town gelding Taiwan village of Huangzhong County, Chen Jia Tan Cun lushaer Town, Dongtai village, West Village, the new village of Taiwan Town, West Town, Ge Yi Cun Er Cun Ge Zi Gou Xiang Hei Gou Cun, Tao Jia Cun, Guan, Tumen the door closed, local village Qingfeng Village, long village 6 towns 12 villages suffered freezing disaster. Disaster caused 2325 people were affected, crops affected area of 435 hectares, disaster area of 435 hectares, of which: potatoes, ha ha ha, 65 hectares, rapeseed, ha ha, ha ha, the other 46 hectares, the other 106 hectares, the other 9075 hectares. Is expected to cause direct economic losses of 4 million 922 thousand yuan, of which agricultural losses of $4 million 922 thousand. After the disaster, Xining City, Huangzhong County Civil Affairs Bureau staff rushed to the disaster site to verify the disaster, guide disaster relief, while the provincial Civil Affairs Department in a timely manner through the national disaster reporting system reported disaster.  

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