Chase 50 poor students funded

The morning of August 26th, when live Zhen Nan Tan Cun Dong Xia Yan from the generation of Datong County Rural Credit Cooperatives of the hands of staff took 2000 yuan grants, face a smile of joy, the low-income families finally removed many days to haunt them economic burden. In order to let more poor students yuandaxuemeng, Datong County Civilization Office held the impoverished student grant distribution ceremony, 50 family, excellent in character and learning difficulties of freshmen receive aid.

Wa Yongling from Datong in six graduated with honors admitted to the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine clinical medicine professional, although this is one of the institutions, but the first semester tuition fees as high as 7500 yuan. Such a high tuition fees, so that the family is limited by the father of the family to maintain a high salary. Wa Yongling said, 2008 father suffering from malignant fibrosarcoma, in order to reduce the burden on the family, after the exam, he will now have to work around from Datong County civilization office, Datong County Rural Credit Cooperatives to provide grants for the first semester tuition finally put together, the money for their families, is undoubtedly timely assistance.

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