Central practice activities optional features

Since the

city district party’s mass line educational practice started, to promote the healthy development of practical activities, do not empty, is not empty, not partial, in the area to do the required action at the same time, focus on the "zixuandongzuo" embodies characteristics and highlight the highlights, tailored with the characteristic of freestyle, "six six to six, improve the work to achieve new breakthroughs in the six" assurance activities full of sound and colour.

it is understood that with the regional characteristics of freestyle "six out of six to six increase, to achieve new breakthroughs in the six" are: check the organization construction, improve management methods, improve the service level, implementation of service-oriented grassroots party organizations to create a new breakthrough. Two check the style construction, improve party conduct, improve quality and efficiency, to achieve new breakthroughs in transformation of Party cadres. Start clean district construction, strengthen the communist ideal and belief education of Party members and cadres, serious political discipline, organization and discipline, work discipline, financial discipline, efforts to achieve cadres honest, clean government, politics. Three ability construction, improve the employment oriented, improve the quality of cadres, Party members and cadres to achieve new breakthroughs in the ability of the four. Four check service construction, improve the way of work, improve co-ordination, to achieve a new breakthrough in the fine work. Five check the livelihood of the people, improve the way to create, improve the happiness index, to achieve national unity and progress of the advanced areas to create new breakthroughs. Six check the ecological environment, improve the work of thinking, to improve the quality of living, to achieve a new breakthrough in the construction of beautiful central. With "five LIAN" as the starting point, through the mountains, water, green, pollution treatment project, to promote the construction of ecological civilization, to create a "livable environment". In accordance with the "shantytowns + Management + culture into building homes", "a village planning, a village with a" work ideas, vigorously implement a number of old buildings renovation, village building and the rural house renovation project, to create a "livable" humanistic environment, and strive to build a beautiful district.


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