Go grassroots year cut yangshenjie in training through the special Tibetan New Year

February 11th is the Tibetan year of the water snake, no home boiled meat, no fragrance of highland barley wine, did not accompany their parents, in the busy winter, cut yangshenjie spent in a special Tibetan New year.

cut yangshenjie, selection of competitive sports, is to choose a road of hardship and struggle, for 5 years, she did not have the Spring Festival with my family, every new year is spent in the busy training, but she never regretted the choice.

"before their own ignorance, not to return home for the new year is always very sad, but now, I have a goal and a clear positioning of their own, I will bite the stick," said cut yangshenjie.

cut yangshenjie said now, "walking" two words in her heart weight more and more heavy, the London Olympic Games, more and more people are concerned about this project, but she does not care about her, it’s all messed up, adjust the state, seriously than good every game, a step a step to go.

"2013 I’m ready to deal with all the challenges, I am still the most love smile of the Tibetan girl, with a lot of dreams I still don’t give up on the road, has become my alarm clock. Thanks everyone…… I will try my best to work hard again, "said yang.  

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