Do everything possible to make the voice of the masses without distortion

to effectively prevent the forms and methods of scientific and reasonable cause "No comments", "No comments" and "not to mention the true opinion" phenomenon, Xining city through carefully designed questionnaire, and strive to build a "lianxinqiao", smooth down "through train" form method improvement of democratic appraisal and to seek the views of the masses, efforts to make the sound "distortion", "comments without deviation".

I, be arranged to design four kinds of democratic appraisal and comments, will have to find out the problem and point out the central and provincial "four winds" combination, carefully combing classified, around the four winds revealing 51 Specific Performance for the masses """. The problem of classification of existing leadership and leading cadres, the masses with popular language expression, let the masses "recognition", to avoid the personal views to belong to the team, my personal opinions to the team, the superior’s views to subordinates, subordinates to give comments on stage. The comments form covers the overall evaluation and supplemented by the need to grasp the views of other columns to facilitate the views of the masses. The use of information sites, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ group and other people directly involved in the means of information, build contact the masses, solicit opinions, respond to public opinion information platform to broaden the channels for comments. Through the modern information platform to seek advice from the cadres and the masses to become a heart to heart bridge, has solicited opinions and suggestions 272. From the focus on the four winds issue, the actual performance, reflect the opinions and suggestions in three aspects, carefully designed the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee months of investigation questionnaire. Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee in the months of research will solicit opinions and tables with postage and mailing address written envelopes sent to the contact point of the hands of the masses, so that the grassroots to the secret way of writing to research questionnaire, reflect directly to the municipal leaders by mail. This connection municipal leaders and grassroots people through train, eliminating the masses did not dare to mention, not to mention the true views of the concerns, to ensure that the opinions and suggestions of the original flavor.


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