City Commission for Discipline nspection and supervision bureau Party branch to hand in hand help v

January 28th, director, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau Chen Hongbing, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, the Secretary General Yin Weizhong were led, and organs of Party members, party leader, deep Party branch "hand in hand" linking point helping village in Datong County, Wacun Ben Hua Lin Xiang authority to help the poor contact point village in Datong County of Qing Lin Xiang Liulin village, carry out the Spring Festival condolences activities. The board of directors to deepen the difficulties of the masses of the people, to understand the people’s production and living difficulties, for them to send the warmth of the party and the government. A total of two villages to send a total of 5 tons of relief flour, condolences to the king of $2000, condolences to the families of 10 households and the hardest hit.


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