12 types of vehicles in Xining City ban

Recently, many people reflect, a number of streets in the city a variety of vehicles were banned, limit line, but I do not know what the specific models are limited to the line, what is the limit line time, what are the limit line sections. To this end, the reporter conducted an interview.


12 vehicles are limited ban

no time for 7:30 to 22:00

the following sections of the implementation of limited ban

the permitted weight more than 1 tons (including 1 tons) trucks, more than 13 passengers (including 13) passenger cars and two motorcycles East Jianguo Road, West Road south of xiadou sunning; Main Street, South Gate Street and West Main Street, North Road, 71 road victory, and includes Bridge Street and Menyuan road forbidding.

the permitted weight more than 5 tons (including 5 tons) trucks, more than 30 passengers (including 30) bus and low-speed truck, three cars, tractors East Huang Zhong Lu, West Lake Road; south of Kunlun Avenue, north to Qilian Road, Kunlun road and contains no line.


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