The Provincial Federation of trade unions to Yin Lei 51 labor medal posthumously

Provincial Federation of trade unions before the posthumous Comrade Yin Lei Qinghai Provincial Labor Medal "and" on the decision to learn from Comrade Yin Lei ".

Comrade Yin Lei was the Western Mining Group Tibet ERON copper Limited by Share Ltd Party committee, commission for Discipline inspection. He fought in the year at an altitude of 4200 meters in mine and production line, fulfill their duties, in an extraordinary position in striving to be the best, from an ordinary driver’s growth for the leading cadres of excellent enterprises; in Yushu earthquake relief, boldly tackle tough, won the national, Qinghai Province earthquake relief model; when the key period of the western mining face the development of difficulties, he volunteered to work in the most difficult conditions of the ERON copper mine. June 18, 2016, due to overwork, comrade Yin Lei sudden pulmonary embolism, sacrifice at work.

"decision" stressed that Comrade Yin Lei is an outstanding representative of Party members and cadres in the new era, is an example of the new era to carry forward the spirit of model workers, is to carry out the "two learning and doing" learning and education of a typical example. The broad masses of workers to learn Comrade Yin Lei loyalty to the party and a firm belief in the noble character rooted in the plateau and hard work; learn from his dedication, dedication, excellent quality of heavy responsibilities, the courage to play; learn from his open-minded and willing to help, go straight, firm and indomitable optimism before him; learning to be honest and willing to be poor. Fame and selfless dedication of the noble sentiments.

decision requires all levels of trade unions at all levels of the province should take Comrade Yin Lei advanced deeds as a "two learning to do" learning and learning vivid teaching materials, quickly set off the upsurge of learning Comrade Yin Lei. To make important speech learning activities and learning general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai, the spirit of dedication to their own posts together, and guide the masses of workers hard labor, honest labor, innovative labor, in order to implement the "four to" make new and greater contributions.


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