Xining’s last batch of coal-fired boilers, coal to gas is nearing completion

With the arrival of the heating period, Xining to accelerate the comprehensive rectification of air pollution. As of now, Xining city’s last remaining 22 of a total of 26 75.8 tons of steam coal-fired boiler coal gas project has entered the final stage, the end of October ventilation.

according to the existing air pollution control work in Xining City, Xining city since 2009 to carry out the comprehensive management of air pollution, the focus of special treatment of urban industrial enterprises emissions, vehicle exhaust, coal dust, soot and other food. After several years of governance, Xining urban air environment has been significantly improved, the number of days of good air every year in increments. In addition, Xining City, 925 catering coal (oil) smoke management has also entered the final stage, the current Xining clean energy utilization rate reached 84%. At the same time, the four district of Xining city are the farmers market vegetables and small coal-fired units signed a heating stove using coal-fired facilities market special rectification work responsibility book, to ensure the effect of environment quality is not affected by the small fire. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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