Qinghai Province, China held the first comprehensive radiation accident emergency exercises

9 month 13 days, according to the unified deployment of the State Environmental Protection Department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau held a "safe Qinghai 2016" radiation accident emergency drill, causing major radiation accident loss testing device of a chemical enterprise with a virtual Se-75 nuclear radiation source. The exercise is the province’s ability to respond to radiation accident emergency response, but also the first time the Qinghai Tibet Plateau radiation emergency exercises. Liu Hua, chief engineer of the national nuclear safety administration.

13 day 9, the exercise of emergency command headquarters issued exercises command. Drill set up emergency command, accident, emergency response to the 3 site. Xining radiation accident emergency office received a report, a virtual Qinghai Saline Lake Haina Chemical Co., Ltd. in the course of a mobile gamma detection device (including a class II Se-75 radioactive source) stolen. Two "suspects" will steal the testing device, without permission in the metal processing cutting, testing equipment to sell housing near the recycling station, radioactive sources fall in metal processing and cutting the scene, causing local ground radioactive pollution cutting.

provincial Environmental Protection Bureau received Xining radiation accident emergency office report, start the "emergency plan" in Qinghai Province Environmental Protection Bureau of radiation accident immediately, and report to the provincial government, the environmental protection department and other departments, and the use of national nuclear and radiation emergency dispatch platform number of consultation, on-site emergency response command and dispatch. Provincial environmental protection, public security and other departments to carry out a wide range of patrol test, quickly lock the region where the source of radiation, and found that the safe storage of the shell test device. Under the close cooperation of various departments, the stolen detection device and the radioactive source can be disposed of safely, effectively control the development of the situation, reduce the harm of the radioactive source to the personnel, and eliminate the environmental influence.

provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Yang Rukun introduced the comprehensive emergency drills and emergency response grade showed dependency; multi sectoral linkage, effective convergence of provincial and municipal emergency plan; emergency monitoring and dispatching platform to make full use of the gamma camera;, unmanned aerial vehicles and other new equipment of efficient use etc..

After the end of the

exercise, the national nuclear safety administration assessment team for the Qinghai radiation accident emergency exercises to give a comprehensive evaluation. The provincial public security department, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other departments to participate in activities, more than 100 radiation accident emergency personnel participating in the exercise, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions environmental protection departments responsible person to observe the scene.


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