Six traffic dividends over at the end of the year to achieve Xining Haidong bus card

what are the highways to be built this year? What are the newly started projects? What are the new changes in Xining’s traffic? 28, the reporter from the province’s twelve session of the National People’s Congress, the press conference of the five meeting asked a lot of dry goods, small partners come together to see it.

bonus: perfect passenger hub construction

in the country’s 179 hub station center, the province of Xining and Golmud were included in the national hub station center. Among them, Xining was included in the national passenger hub, Golmud was included in the national freight hub.

was included in the hub is not easy, Qinghai can win the two is rare." Provincial Transportation Department deputy director Tao Yongli said.

two of the province’s passenger hub will be completed after the completion of what?

Tao Yongli said that once the completion of the hub of Xining, as a national passenger hub, will bear a variety of modes of transport convergence. For example, the effective convergence of civil aviation, railway, passenger transport to play a zero distance transfer. "In other words, in the future the passengers off the plane, you will be able to sit on the corresponding directional bus; under the train, you can directly take the shuttle bus, bus or taxi, which is zero distance transfer. This is also a variety of integrated hub linkage." In addition, it will play a central role in the transport organization, national support level, transportation services, people travel.

hub center is not only to build a passenger terminal, but can be built in accordance with the hub of several stations cloth center.

January 22nd, the center of Xining passenger transport hub – Xining automobile passenger transport center officially opened. From 2016 onwards, Xining will continue to build the West passenger hub station, north of the city passenger transport hub station, the South passenger hub station, East passenger hub station. After the completion of these hubs, can effectively alleviate the pressure of urban traffic in Xining, providing an effective organization of the overall traffic, for the current problem is also a solution to the congestion in Xining.

of course, want to play a central role in the hub, the passenger station construction can not lag behind. In 2016, our province will continue in Xining, people, and mutual assistance, peace, Datong 5 integrated passenger transport hub, Xining north of the city level and county level two or three passenger station passenger station 17.

new county bus station 5, township station 9, to promote the construction of integrated passenger hub in Golmud.

bonus two: contribution to the construction of the park

Golmud is positioned as the hub of freight transport, mainly from the status of its national recycling economy. Tao Yongli said, once a national freight logistics center, then from the increase of construction investment, to the national logistics center allocation, is not only the so-called logistics station or park so simple, contains information construction, warehousing, distribution, service, management and other aspects. ;

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