This year, the construction of the early construction of the early construction of the Grand Canyon


at the beginning of the March Xining chill, but the two stage project of green barrier Nanshan ecological green site is showing one of the busy scene. Reporter in March 4th from the office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that the day of the Nanshan afforestation team, water pipe network supporting the project construction team has been basically admitted to; at the same time, yanggouwan Red Valley Scenic Area construction officially resumed.

it is understood that this year the city forestry departments need to complete the task of planting a large quantity, scale is the largest since the implementation of Nanshan greening project of the year, I should not only do Shen Jia Valley and east area of 24 thousand acres of fire far mountain afforestation engineering work, also completed the Qinghai Lake on 12 thousand acres of afforestation project loan the current task, the bidding work required for the project loan on Qinghai Lake seedlings is underway.

in February 26th after the city’s forestry work conference issued a green mobilization order, Nanshan green command issued a variety of green construction tasks in a timely manner. According to the plan, this year, the city will start the construction of 10 scenic spots in Nanshan, the current scenic spot design work, the design department has been linked with the construction of scenic spots. Based on last year, has completed the 24 thousand acres of land on the far mountain mission, after the resumption of work, garden workers were planting the preparatory work before the water conservancy construction personnel busy network installation, create conditions to start large-scale afforestation.


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