Xining municipal transportation severely punished 36 taxi uncivilized behavior

into the tourist season, on the part of Xining taxi uncivilized behavior complaints become hot. In order to further standardize the city taxi market operation order, create a civilized and harmonious travel environment, correct the taxi drivers who exist in the operation of uncivilized behavior, according to the spirit of the Ministry of transport and the relevant documents of our province issued, yunguanchu from September 15th to December 15th for a period of four months of the taxi industry standard management civilization service activities. During the event, the taxi drivers who are uncivilized behavior, the report by the masses or on the road inspection found that all severely punished severely according to law.

taxi crackdown uncivilized behavior contains a total of 36. Specific performance: rejection, without the consent of passengers to carpool, Shuaike, driver driving call, driving people smoking in the car, the driver does not use civilized language, the driver does not correctly use the meter, cheating, driver does not take the initiative to issue invoices, taxi service supervision card placed not norm etc..

according to the uncivilized behavior of some of the taxi drivers, the city transport authorities will take the following three kinds of punishment measures:

scoring system punishment

according to the taxi management department yunguanchu responsible person, the taxi industry standard management civilization service activities is very serious for the punishment of illegal drivers. Under normal circumstances, a taxi driver assessment cycle for one year, a taxi driver only 20 minutes a year. If the driver does not give passengers invoices, passengers complained that the driver will be deducted 5 points; if threatened, beaten passengers will be deducted by a score of 20. The driver score in the evaluation cycle is 0 points, will take at least 18 hours taxi regulations such as training, if the driver does not participate in the training, will be included in the list of bad records, and no longer be taxi company.

—- buckle car system punishment

for many taxi drivers do not within the specified time to transport 110, dealing with illegal public complaints and other issues, deputy director of the taxi management department said that the future will strengthen Road 110, ensure the complaint is implemented, feedback, not to deal with complaints from the public transportation 110 for individual car drivers, transport Department will take the deduction system. As the taxi driver processing is not carried out within 3 days will be considered true transportation passenger complaints, inspectors can go directly to the car dealers will be illegal driving vehicle withheld people.

– exit mechanism punishment

in accordance with the "Xining city taxi management rights allocation scheme of a new round of" to obtain the right to operate a taxi, bicycle for two years during the operating period or a total of four years service quality credit evaluation unqualified taxi drivers, transport authorities will recover the right to operate, re configuration.

in addition, the transport authorities refusing passengers on the driver’s behavior, not only will;

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