Our province, cattle, sheep, forage platform sink to the grassroots service farmers and herdsmen

In order to further improve the farmers’ quality of science and technology, strengthen the agricultural science and technology service capabilities, improve the technical support and service industry, the function of the platform, the provincial animal husbandry department, Qinghai Academy of animal husbandry and veterinary organization of Qinghai province "cattle platform, platform and platform of science and technology of sheep forage under the township activities held recently in Xining.

platform combined with the technical requirements of the grassroots counties, "science and technology villages and households, cultivating new farmers and herdsmen" as the theme, to meet the farmers technical demand as the starting point, carry out policy propaganda, technology service and demand survey, the promotion of practical new technology, new equipment, new technology and the breeding of new pattern, and let farmers have used the technology and good efficiency in production, improve the income level. Activities by experts on the site to explain the cattle, sheep, forage practical technology, technical services face to face, and received more than 300 copies of the technical needs of farmers and herdsmen. In order to strengthen the provincial, county and township level three docking platform integration, solve the last mile problem of good technical services, on-site to collect 33 suggestions from the platform to the County demonstration households to the provincial expert positions at all levels and all angles, for the next step to continue to strengthen the docking platform integration, provides effective solutions.

Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry "platform" to involve all industry technical checks, not only in production, but also from the production, processing, sales, market and the whole supply chain, and constantly improve the function rooms, can also carry out related work on enterprise platform. Strengthen the platform for the provincial level and the county platform and demonstration households docking, to achieve effective docking on the re innovation, indeed the formation of integration.


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