Give full play to the advantage of broadcasting services — Xining people’s Broadcasting Station Tra

3 7 March 17, traffic service program "sponsored by the traffic police detachment of Xining traffic radio and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Zhang Li said traffic" officially launched, launched on the same day, show interactive form a unique point of view and pay attention to people’s livelihood directly and quickly won the praise of the majority of traffic participants.

this year is the city to promote the smooth flow of the year of the project, but also to improve the city’s traffic conditions of the key year. In order to better focus on the municipal government of the focus of the work, give full play to the advantages of professional media broadcast traffic, and to improve the city traffic environment plays the role of slow blocking Paul Chang, provide a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the project smooth public opinion. Xining people’s Broadcasting Station promptly take the initiative and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Political Department of communication and consultation, orchestrated a professional traffic radio "to serve the smooth project Zhang Li said traffic", and to determine the Xining radio traffic radio and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to the program sponsored by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, integrated command center and Xining city the Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau Liaison Unit to the program.

"Zhang Li said the traffic," the purpose of the program is a smooth flow of services for the traffic control department and the majority of traffic participants to build a good communication platform for smooth implementation of the project to create a good atmosphere of public opinion. In the broadcast form, the show is the radio for the first time the traffic control department leaders and professionals as traffic commentator through answering the public hotline to answer doubts; for the first time three county traffic police detachment is part of the four district police brigade on duty, on duty, 110 command center commander and Provincial Police Corps detachment of police on duty as part of the high-speed traffic analysts provide timely traffic authority; for the first time in the majority of traffic participants in the formation of more than 20 people traffic observers, for smooth implementation of the project and suggestions. Show with flexible form of professional content and interaction of authority, in the majority of traffic participants are legal and safety education, improving public traffic engineering participation and awareness play a role in guiding public opinion actively.

Zhang Li said "traffic" broadcast time set in the evening rush hour traffic service program is 17:00–19:00, Xining traffic radio "after another major following the words" in the early 1043 traffic, is the Xining people’s broadcasting station around the center of people’s livelihood of the important initiatives, as well as the practice of participation and service traffic engineering.

Zhang Li said "traffic" program planning and broadcast, is Xining people’s broadcasting station, follow the "show stand" idea at the same time, the implementation of specific measures of meticulous management, program production and broadcasting of fine, broadcast media to strengthen the social service function, enhance the broadcast media social influence played a positive effect.


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