A love relay staged in the two sessions

* group Party evening news, the heart of · hope that the two sessions of public interest response strongly

on behalf of members: activities will effectively promote the construction of civilized Qinghai

– a representative who declined to be named in the name of the company donated 100 thousand

"this activity is like a warm, warm winter in Qinghai." "We will mobilize more forces to join in the activities, with the hope of love lit." "We call on our employees to donate a favor to these children." "These pictures are so touching. I can’t help shedding tears when I see their hard studying experience……" During the two sessions, the reporter heard from time to time such words. In the end is what attracted the body in the busy meeting on behalf of members of the heart?

The original

, jointly organized by the Communist Youth League Xining Committee, Xining evening news agency, to help the children in poor areas to finish the difficult family heart · hope "public welfare activities, since January 24th officially launched in the province during NPC and CPPCC, immediately aroused the attention and strong reaction from all walks of life on behalf of members of the. On behalf of members have said that the Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League to promote love and charity and active responsibility, adhere to the Xining evening news dissemination of mainstream values, into the feelings of the people’s livelihood, such charitable activities will highlight Qinghai’s selfless love, a strong impetus to the construction of civilized Qinghai, also hope that through this activity can call more people to love.

over the past few days, many representatives of the two provinces in the province to find the Xining evening news reporter, they want to know more information about the poor children from the mouth of the reporter. People from all walks of life in the community have also call the municipal Party committee and evening news inquiries or personally go to the municipal Party committee, the first time to take the initiative to love.

, an unnamed Provincial People’s Congress see "· hope" public welfare activities related reports, and immediately decided to contact the municipal Party committee in the name of the company donated 100 thousand yuan in cash, and gave a love for the poor children in the whole company called for the majority of employees. In the reporter’s insistence, the provincial people’s Congress told reporters that his surname is still.

is still the name of the representative said, as a business, how much profit is important, but more important is to create value for society, how much responsibility for the community, the responsibility is more valuable than the interests of. He also suggested the municipal Party committee and the Xining Evening News "· hope" public action to make a sustainable business nationwide, and suggestions will contribute to expand the scope of, in addition to the funds can appeal to psychology experts and teachers and other staff from the heart warm heart for the poor children.

at present, "the heart of · hope" public action continues, in order to help more poor children, we hope to have more companies to join in, lend a helping hand, will love the baton of a rod connected to a rod passed down…… (author: Sheng Nan)



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