CPPCC members suggested that the three noes personnel security standards for more than ten years did

recently "Lankao fire", in Xining city CPPCC group discussions, members of the Xining city social welfare bill, social welfare workers wage protection, "three" dependents living standards and other issues have been noticed, for a time became a hot topic of discussion members.

according to reports, the Xining City Social Welfare Institute is the provincial capital of only one to three no staff support service based non-profit social welfare institutions, with the aging degree of Xining city increased, and the expansion of the scale of welfare, "three" personnel has reached 178 people, but there has been no increase in nursing staff, service object welfare mostly intellectual disability and mental patients, the management difficulty is very large, the level of care is also very high. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Affairs Department of the state, service personnel and service object configuration requirements, Xining City Social Welfare Institute staff serious overload, therefore, the social welfare institute hired 65 staff, but these employees pay no fixed source of liquidity, the phenomenon is difficult to recruit nurses. To this end, the members suggested that these employees will be included in the scope of financial protection.

some members also mentioned that the social welfare of the "three noes" dependents living standard for 240 yuan per month, is approved by the financial department of Xining city in 1999, more than and 10 years have not adjusted, it is difficult to maintain the basic life. To this end, the committee members suggested to improve the living standards of three noes support personnel. (author: Yang Jian)


members suggested: to increase support for science and technology enterprises

Xining municipal CPPCC group discussion, a member suggested that should increase efforts to support scientific and technological enterprises, enhance information interaction between enterprises, the development of enterprises and enterprises in the microcirculation. She said, in the Industrial Park research, silicon production enterprise, and the other companies need the industrial waste this enterprise produces, but the two companies are not communicated with each other, also failed to establish cooperation. An enterprise to dispose of waste residue, but also to spend a large number of enterprises to buy raw materials. To this end, she suggested that the government departments to increase support for independent innovation of science and technology enterprises, so that these enterprises play their own technical advantages, but also to promote the interaction between enterprises.

science and Technology Bureau reply: to build a national innovation pilot cities as the goal

, director of the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Qiang Jianhai said that in 2013 the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau through the implementation of major science and technology projects, to enhance the core competitiveness and innovation ability of enterprises as the goal, to guide the new energy, new materials, key technologies of energy saving and emission reduction technology, constantly enhance the enterprise innovation ability, to "innovation driven" lead the development of Xining. The new year, the science and Technology Bureau will focus on cultivating 50 science and technology enterprises, agricultural science and technology enterprises, focusing on cultivating the potential of listed companies of science and technology, the formation of industrial clusters, and the construction of scientific and technological achievements into 10;

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