For several days the number of shops stolen people and Road police to increase inspection efforts

– reporter witnessed the scene

December 2nd, Xining City Economic and Technological Development Zone Road is the source of people and supermarket employees get up your newly found week, gate cut a large hole, store things dragged out of order, even a week your sink supermarket robbed!

original, at 20:40 on December 1st or so, after the end of the day Zhou Guilian inventory of the business section, open the store alarm, he returned to the supermarket on the third floor of the dormitory rest. 23:30, Zhou Guilian in the market after a tour, see the supermarket door intact, there is nothing unusual, go back to sleep. However, in the morning, I found the glass door of the supermarket is open, there is a big hole in the door, and there are a lot of things on the shelves. Zhou expensive heart to think, last night also did not hear what action, the alarm did not ring, ah, how the thief came in? So, he called to inform the responsible person of the supermarket, and reported to the public security organ.

later, head of the supermarket staff and statistics about the stolen items, found the thief not only stole a lot of tobacco and wine, also took some milk and napkins, even drinks and snacks did not escape the thief, loss of eleven thousand yuan.

reporters rushed to the scene, is the source of the supermarket responsible person Mr. Joe said, these days, the people on the road and shops repeatedly robbed, but they shop with a burglar alarm, and networking with the local police station, the thought that can not think of, no danger of anything going wrong, the thief patronizing, the alarm did not sound.

a few shops for stolen, people and Road shop owners anxious. The owner of a surname Wang said: "just a few days, the thief went into a few, think about the fear." According to a number of stolen merchant introduction, the morning of 2, the district police called the stolen merchant meeting, and has launched a case investigation.

– increase the intensity of night patrols

according to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau plainclothes police brigade Deputy captain Shi Ning, at the end of the year is theft cases more concentrated in the period, according to the opinions of the Department, they recently stepped up patrols at night.

for this situation, plainclothes police brigade police were divided into 3 patrol group, the rotation of the provincial capital in the number of hours in a number of roadway inspection, found suspicious personnel in a timely manner, to prevent the occurrence of robbery occurred in 24. "When we patrol at night, the general ride are ordinary vehicles, but also dressed in casual clothes, a larger secret. Since this time, we follow the single pedestrian, secretly protected, in time to stop a number of robbery. Once, some people from the bar after their home consumption, including a drunken man walking alone, by some "dead lift" people at. They were caught on the spot when they were going to rob the drunk man." Shi Ning said.

plainclothes police brigade to increase the intensity of night patrols, the police also reminded the public to play at night, do not go to remote;

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