Do business to make customer satisfaction with the whole

do business is to serve the customer, if the customer can not be satisfied, how to do this business bigger and longer? Therefore, if the operators want to successy open a shop, you need to stand in the customer’s point of view, so as to make the business more and more popular, of course, customers will be more and more!

is busy, a little far away from my home store restaurant owner came to my shop: "boss, give me a pack of cigarettes, I handed the other specified smoke, checked out, the hotel owner did not leave immediately, and took out ten yuan:" give me six bottles of Wahaha mineral water".

I use convenient bags will be six bottles of mineral water, and then test: "1.5 yuan a bottle of mineral water, a bottle of 9 yuan, there are $1 change, I’ll give you a bottle of mineral water, OK?""

"Yeah, that’s great. Thank you, boss."

and hotel owner told me: "in fact, as a matter of fact, these things should be in the small supermarket next door."

"yes, I also feel strange, put your supermarket next door do not buy things, I come here to buy these, the supermarket owner will not be angry," I was a little surprised to ask.

"that wasn’t my fault, I started to buy something wholeheartedly in his house, he took 10 yuan money to go to the supermarket to buy six bottles of mineral water, the supermarket boss found a dollar note to me, then I let him coins for me, he is not willing, I I see a lot of coins in his money box, he refused to replace the coin for me, I angrily, will buy mineral water back to him. If it is in his house to buy things, do not say that it is looking for paper money and coins, and less than 10 Fen of his family is not good to sell, the old mouth of the business is really rigid dogma".

original is to find a dollar notes and coins, ah, I am sure to change the requirements of the customer. Whether it’s money or paper, it’s money. But here in our customers love the coin, under normal circumstances, customers do not want to find money to them, occasionally there is fear of the elderly coins lost, will be in the usual business notes, therefore, when looking for change, I will not trouble to ask the customer. Is looking for money or find coins, whether looking for that kind of money, it is money, why don’t we meet at this small customer requirements? Don’t bargain for change, and will have earned tickets to the loss, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

business is not large, but since it is for customer service, you need to make the customer satisfied. We can see that in the usual business, can not or slightly every small business, the size of the business, to do a successful business, no matter how much profit and less, will allow us to make a profit

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