Five ways to help startups improve work efficiency

many start-up companies want to grow steadily, and all this is based on the high efficiency of employees on the basis of the following small series and we will explore several new ways to improve the efficiency of start-up companies.

1. reduction conference

if this means that you need to remove all the meeting? The answer is no.. Compared with the traditional meeting, you can try to stand to meet. Standing on a weekly meeting will save a lot of time wasted on traditional meetings.

2. adhere to rest

We believe that the increase of

3. remote work

in a trap, and in accordance with their preferences in the working environment, employees will make more work in less time. According to a study, a quiet environment will improve the productivity of 1/3.

for cash strapped startups, let employees work remotely will bring some additional benefits. Remote work will make employees happier, which is also an asset for struggling startups. In addition, remote work will save you the cost of office space and equipment.

4. equipped with large screen computer display

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