Children’s clothing brand into the three major errors

countries over the past two years has introduced a number of policies to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and join the boom began to rise, many people want to invest in entrepreneurship. Currently, all kinds of chain children’s clothing to join the project after another. Easy to do 5000 yuan investment boss, a day to earn a surprise project, the annual salary of one million children’s clothing to join the invitation to join the 10 thousand"…… In the face of such attractive advertising, a lot of people eager to hold tens of thousands or even millions of dollars of funds, to join the ranks of children’s clothing chain. However, the chain of children’s clothing is not as simple as people imagine. In the chain of children’s clothing to join in the world, there are a lot of myth, there are all the tragedy.

so, to be a chain of children’s clothing to join beneficiaries, investors need to make full preparations. Otherwise, blindly follow the trend, in the end only, and cry bitterly, all and help. In order to avoid repeated tragedy staged, to remind investors to pay attention to eliminate the following three errors:

1, anyone can open children’s clothing to join

2, once and for all investment

3, the package does not lose the sale of

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