How to join the turtle barbecue

barbecue brand to join the brand in the name of what barbecue delicious and nutritious in one, but also a turtle pot barbecue. First of all, the unique characteristics of the turtle pot barbecue, the use of 36 traditional Chinese medicine made of secret sauce baked, its fragrance overflowing, unique taste. And herbal ingredients as well as the role of health care.

secondly, the use of turtle pot baked ingredients that can retain the nutritional value of food, but also in the turtle pot baked food vitamins, protein, amino acids and other nutrients destroyed less. Turtle pot itself is made of iron, the use of turtle pot at the same time, to achieve the role of iron supplementation. So, turtle pot barbecue is healthy, nutritious barbecue. So how to join the turtle pot barbecue


turtle pot barbecue how to join? What are the conditions?

join conditions:

1. has a certain start-up capital and entrepreneurial spirit, joining fee 10 thousand yuan.

2. has a strong sense of ambition and success.

3. has an independent capacity for civil conduct.

4. agree with corporate culture, business philosophy, brand style and willing to accept the company’s unified management.

join process:

1, join the application

welcome calls Advisory, and to visit the headquarters, interested parties fill in the application form submitted to the headquarters, the headquarters of the audit to give a clear answer.

2, signed a contract

the two sides will be of mutual benefit, equality, integrity and win-win principle, signed a formal contract to join the "book", the franchisee to pay the contract headquarters for the franchisee, the headquarters will handle the authorization issued by the authorized plaque.

3, store preparation

headquarters has a person responsible for the guidance of the unified store store standards and store decoration.

4, opening guidance

professional training headquarters will carries on the system to the shop assistant, including industry analysis, product knowledge, service specification, store management, store display, marketing and planning, to ensure that the store quickly entered the normal operation period, fast profit.

5, logistics distribution

The headquarters of the

to the franchisee to provide the first distribution. The store is ready to join the business ahead of a

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