College students can get a one-time suspension of entrepreneurship subsidy 10 thousand yuan

now some college students venture can enjoy some of the policies and subsidies to help in Shandong, Qingdao, now the local college students drop out of business, you can receive a one-time subsidy of 10 thousand yuan, but also to many students entrepreneurs great incentive.

20, the reporter learned from the Municipal Social Council, Qingdao will suspend business students and graduate students in Qingdao household annual business scope of subsidies, subsidies to support the current Qingdao city business scope has covered Qingdao entrepreneurial personnel within the legal working age.

2015 – in 2018, the legal working age, in Qingdao for the first time in the administrative area of business license, Small and micro businesses and businesses in normal operation, full and timely payment of social insurance premiums for 12 months (universities and research institutes and other institutions does poineering work from the professional and technical personnel except in the original insurance). All kinds of personnel (including migrant workers), can apply for a one-time start-up subsidies Small and micro businesses.

standard one-time start-up subsidies increased from 5000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan. A one-time small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship subsidy standards increased from 10 thousand yuan to 12 thousand yuan. Among them, the employment of more than 1 people (excluding entrepreneurs) entrepreneurs, subsidies to raise the standard of $20 thousand.

actually see a policy like this, also make a lot of local college student entrepreneurs are very excited, but also will promote the local college students actively carried out a series of entrepreneurial activities.


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