Good food to join what conditions

in our life to taste this fast food brand is not strange, operation effect is relatively good, so popular catering to the attention of investors, so there is a lot of good food to the problem. How delicious fast food brands to join? What conditions? The following Xiaobian for everyone to do specific introduction.

Baoding city wide taste food Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002 by Ms. Ma Fenge in the capital of Gyeonggi catering industry leader and the world famous ancient city of Baoding. The famous enterprises in traditional cuisines as the main product of burning flesh of a donkey. The fire has a long history in the North China flesh of a donkey, although the meat Kami Mihiro love for the people, but the end result of spreading marketplace, push the car shoulder, difficult taiga. Good gather ancestors of the essence of the cooking process innovation, and build the ancient flavor, nutrition and health, with delicious dishes, delicious homemade porridge, and gradually developed into the flesh of a donkey cuisine, fresh and nutritious cuisine with advantages of the flesh of a donkey, concise and distinctive decoration, beautiful and clean a comfortable dining environment, catering in the rich cultural atmosphere of the ancient city, become an independent school. At the same time, registered the "Zhiguang good" brand in the national trademark bureau.

enterprise founder of the market for many years hard work, mature personality, forming a rich corporate culture; to Dexing business purpose, into the infinite vitality for the development of enterprises; as the staff for advanced concepts of partners, employees realize self detonated passion; first learn, learn to do things like philosophy. Spring rain quietly watering employees heart; affection management of the generous mind, let the staff bathed in the warmth of the family; to create a comfortable environment, to create high-quality service code of conduct, with good people regards the customer is God, wholeheartedly for the people of the tireless feelings; spare no effort heart development strategy of cultivating the franchise, common watering good brand evergreen tree; in good faith to survive, to the quality strives for the development of the business philosophy, focus on the interpretation of the profound connotation of business morality.

good food to join what conditions?

join conditions

1, team spirit and strong desire for success.

2, good personal credit.

3, be able to accept system management and training.

4, more substantial upfront investment funds.

notes: 1, the credibility of the deposit after the expiration of the contract to be returned.

2, after the expiration of the contract renewal contract preferential conditions.

if you meet above >

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