2015 nternational Youth Science and technology entrepreneurship Contest Finals

mentioned innovation and entrepreneurship, first of all must be associated with scientific and technological innovation. The development of science and technology has an unparalleled role in promoting the development of various industries, so our country encourages scientific and technological innovation. Recently, the 2015 International Youth Science and technology entrepreneurship contest finals in Beijing ended, named a number of outstanding technical entrepreneurship projects.

"Chong Kai future" International Youth Science and technology entrepreneurship contest by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government of Haidian District and the Peking University jointly launched, CO sponsored by the Zhongguancun Haidian Park, Peking University Science and Technology Park, with "innovation driven" national strategic direction, with global vision guided, focusing on world cutting-edge technology, strive to enhance the development of new power technology international business competition, gather high-end entrepreneurial talent, enhance the ability of independent innovation. This season, thousands of project consulting registration, which lasted ten months of preparation and layers of selection, November 16th -20, the world’s eight finalists in the group of eight finalists gathered in beijing. The Organizing Committee for the players to create a customized version of the creation of the future contest training camp, a full range of players to help polish the project carefully, reinforce the entrepreneurial base. Contains four door top intimely.com training courses, the king of Qin, Li Zhu and other senior investors face to face teaching; exploration engineering technology center of University and the National Key Laboratory, Peking University Professor live on; infinite passion CXO cocktail Party, talked about the exchange and the in of business people; the more cool entrepreneurial technology experience. Competition, mental and physical limits of fusion development training, professional photography project enriching activities such as promotional video name card.

CXO Party : on November 19th carnival; for the final part of the final roadshow, the organizing committee set up 11 main judges, 22 investment advisers luxury review team. The main judges invited to include North entrepreneurial venture capital fund Secretary General Yang Yan, the domestic first-line investors and qingkong Professor Qin Jun, chairman of the expert by Hong Tai CEO Wang Shengjiang, iCAN international innovation space Federation Chairman Zhang Haixia, etc.. Roadshow by "8+7" project presentation and review the form of questions, the main judges scoring decide the 123 prize, investment advisers decided "scoring the most market potential, the best technology innovation and the most investment value of" three special awards. The final group leader Qin Jun team group roadshow after the end of the summary said: "I have seen the future Chong Kai contest is to give players time and opportunity to fully express the game, players are also very lucky, dozens of first-line investors according to the three important dimensions of your market, technology and investment value are able to score recommended

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