20 thousand yuan venture capital collection

2 million in venture capital is also able to make a career, now entrepreneurs both assets are possible regardless of academic success, this is 20 thousand yuan following the success of the venture capital of small cheats, the following recommended project also we have been looking for.

Analysis of


a self photography, change the traditional camera mode, let people in the embodiment of the self and personality in the atmosphere according to their personal preferences to shoot with pictures of young people meet the pursuit of fashion, offbeat needs, is a good small business new business.

Analysis of

marketing recommendations: the main consumers of such photography it is the primary and secondary school students and young people, so it should be around the campus, theaters or entertainment, children’s Palace Park, etc.. 20 thousand yuan business, at the same time, should regularly carry out some activities, such as the selection of the best "mirror" and rewards, can attract customers, expand the influence from the camera.

The best choice of

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